The Internet is the Worst Place for Dating Advice

Nobody knows what they are talking about The big problem is, many people searching for answers on the internet generally end up on either a Support Forum, Reddit or some other place that is usually filled people who have a… Continue Reading →

Dealing With Rejection

Never count your failures When I look at guys who are successful with dating, I noticed one common thing: they never care about getting rejected.  They simply move on. I never realized it at the time but dealing with rejection… Continue Reading →

Pickup Artistry is a Scam

It’s the get “rich-quick” scheme in the dating world When you’re single, you usually think that everyone else is getting laid except you.  You think that some guys have got it figured out and are able to sleep with dozens… Continue Reading →

The Friendzone Doesn’t Exist

You are only in the “Friendzone” if you think you are… If you’re the kind of guy who hangs around one girl hoping to turn her into your girlfriend, then Congrats, you are in the friendzone.  And it wasn’t because… Continue Reading →

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