I am a Software Engineer living in Seattle.  You must be thinking, why the hell would I take dating advice from a Software Engineer?!?!!  Well to that I say, why the hell not?

Up until recently, I haven’t had much “luck” with dating.  My whole life I was just the computer nerd with a bad haircut and poor choice of style and yet completely clueless as to why I wasn’t getting any success with the ladies.

While other people basically figured out dating in middle-school, it took me until my late twenties to figure out just really common sense baseline stuff.  For instance, goatees are never good, and men only look good despite the goatee and not because of it. Also apparently, most women do not care about Star Wars.  You know, basic stuff like that.

So here I am, starting this blog to help others like myself to arrive to that conclusion faster and to hopefully supplement my income with ad revenue since owning a home is expensive in Seattle.