Nobody knows what they are talking about

The big problem is, many people searching for answers on the internet generally end up on either a Support Forum, Reddit or some other place that is usually filled people who have a lot to say but have never actually been on a date with a woman. Think about it this way, if a bunch of inexperienced guys gather on a forum to give each-other dating advice, is it really gonna be good dating advice?

The fact is, people who are successful with dating are typically not looking online for dating advice.


I wanted dating advice but ended up hating women instead

Eventually after searching endlessly online for answers, some men end up in places filled with angry frustrated guys.  Forums that started out as support forums for lonely guys devolve into misogynistic rant-filled echo chambers.  Here’s an example of one from TheRedPill I found today while writing this.

Seriously, whoever took the time writing this has never interacted with a woman and probably could have spent the time taking a shower or getting a haircut.

Places like these are where guys share their “proof” that women are evil and men are rational.  With all the stats and cherry-picked studies these guys post to support this claim, they don’t realize it’s never going to help them get a girlfriend.

Sites like these:

  • TheRedPill
  • ReturnOfKings
  • Braincels

Are extreme examples but they highlight this dangerous trend with the internet.

It gives a warped view of what women are actually like

Women are seen as irrational, illogical and incapable of individual thought according to websites like these.  When guys are unsuccessful in dating, they then think that all women are shallow and want is a handsome guy with lots of money who drives a nice car.

Pickup artists take advantage of this mindset and try to sell you on the idea that you can “game” women.  Sadly, only internet basement dwellers buy into that stuff, then get frustrated and end up on a site like TheRedPill.

This is a caricature of a woman and not reality.

What they don’t realize is that most women are more likely to value you as a person; you just need to find the right one.  In-fact, guys are more likely to overlook a bad personality in favor of looks.

But where should I go for dating advice?

The short answer is, a friend who actually gets dates or has a girlfriend.  Guys don’t usually talk about dating because we are too prideful to admit that we need help.  I had to overcome this fear of looking like a loser to my friends but it turns out, they actually want to help.

If you do not have a friend support group try to find advice online that focuses on developing a healthy mindset through self improvement.  In my own quest for reasonable dating advice, I had to avoid all the stupid parts on the internet to land on one site: Doctor Nerdlove.

Get off the Internet!!!

Ultimately experience is the best teacher, go out into the real world, join a pottery class, take salsa lessons, focus on making new friends.  Having good social skills is half the battle.