Never count your failures

When I look at guys who are successful with dating, I noticed one common thing: they never care about getting rejected.  They simply move on.

I never realized it at the time but dealing with rejection is the most important skill you will ever learn when it comes to dating.

Through the process of going from zero dates in months to 3 dates every week, I thought about how many messages that were never replied to, how many dates that never went anywhere and yet, if I chose to count every failure against me, it would number in the thousands.

The thing is, nobody is keeping score except you.  Take comfort in the fact that this is not a competition and you are not the only one getting rejected.


Learn to manage your expectations on a date

I used to think that when a girl goes out with me, she wants to become my girlfriend.  This is the wrong way to think.

If you think that every first date with lead to a relationship, you are setting yourself up to be heartbroken in the end.

It took me a long time to realize that if it was never meant to be, there is simply nothing you can do.  Likewise, if she is the right one, you’ll end up together no matter what you do.


Embrace the “Failure Mindset”

I work in software so naturally I deal with a lot of things that fail on a pretty regular basis.  When things break, I fix it and learn from it.  The same should be applied to dating, treat every “failure” is a learning experience.

When a girl eventually stops responding to your texts and messages, don’t get angry, don’t get upset.  Instead, try to focus on getting as many dates as possible.  Treat every date like a practice run. You’ll become a better conversationalist and learn more about yourself with each new date.

It takes practice to be happy despite being rejected.  The sooner you realize this, the more successful you will be.