It does not work for average looking people…

I’m an average looking guy.  I am not photogenic, I do not have a vast library of self-portraits that make me look good.  Since the average profile view is less than 0.5 seconds at most, the only thing they see is your picture. I know my friend was very successful on Tinder but I was never able to get a date.  The difference is, he was very handsome and had a lot of good pictures that showed it.


There’s very little room to describe yourself

This is important, just because someone looks good does not mean I want to date them.  What are their interests? What do they do for fun, work, school or literally anything I would want to know about them.


People ghost you quite freqently

Have you ever had this?  You send a few back and forth messages, things are going great and then BAM, nothing…  In my personal experience this happened a lot.


What does work best then?

I have found that OKCupid works the best for me.  The reason is they focus more on the personality than looks.  It matches you based on the questions you answer and let’s you filter down to people that would be a good fit for you.  The result is, you can pretty much expect that you should have enough in common to talk about on your date.  The matching system isn’t perfect, an 80% match means you will at least have something to talk about (not that this person is 80% your soul-mate).