You are only in the “Friendzone” if you think you are…

If you’re the kind of guy who hangs around one girl hoping to turn her into your girlfriend, then Congrats, you are in the friendzone.  And it wasn’t because she put you there, you got there BY YOURSELF.

She is not the one… just move on…

I used to think that if a girl wasn’t attracted to me, there was some magical formula out there that would make her change her mind.  I just needed to act a certain way, spend more time with her and eventually she would come around. The truth is, if she isn’t into you, there is simply nothing that you could do to convince her otherwise.

You should never be persistent with one girl, rather be persistent in trying to meet new people.  Otherwise, you’ll end up being a creep.

Have as many female friends as possible!!!

It may seem obvious from hindsight but over time I noticed that the guys who seemed to be able to get into a relationship quite easily were always surrounded by women.

The truth is, being more women improves your chances at getting into a relationship.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • The more women you are around, the more likely it is that you will date one
  • You’ll get to practice talking to women (most guys lack this)
  • Over time, understanding women will come more naturally.  Most guys who suck with women rarely interact with them.  Don’t be that guy!

In short, the benefits of having more female friends cannot be understated.  It’s important not to be hung up about one girl and instead focus on befriending more women.

In other words, get into the friendzone with as many women as possible!